Gingrich: Game is on between me and Romney

When asked to predict how he will fare in New Hampshire - where a new CBS national poll shows him in second place behind frontrunner Mitt Romney - former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that he hoped to finish "in that zone."

Gingrich downplayed his drop in support in the state, contending that other candidates who have done well - such as Rick Santorum, who climbed to a hair's width of first place in Iowa - he has not concentrated his efforts in a single state, as has Jon Huntsman, who has gained nationally according to the latest CBS News poll.

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"[Huntsman] focused, just as Rick Santorum focused overwhelmingly on Iowa, Gov. Huntsman focused on New Hampshire overwhelmingly. I've been building steadily a national campaign. We have county chairmen in every single county in Florida, organized in South Carolina in every county. We're prepared to go on and campaign across the whole country.

"I think I'll do well enough here Tuesday night that in South Carolina on Wednesday morning, it will be very clear that the game is on between a Reagan conservative and a Massachusetts moderate.

"I think as a Georgia conservative, South Carolina will be a hospitable state," Gingrich said.

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The Super PAC backing Gingrich, Winning Our Future, has said it will buy $3.4 million in ads for the candidate in South Carolina.

When asked by Charlie Rose what he would hope to accomplish with that size ad buy, Gingrich said it was to clearly show the differences between a "Reagan conservative" and a "Massachusetts moderate."

"Does that suggest you have got to gain some momentum by tearing down Mitt Romney?" asked Rose.

"Well, I think it means I've got to draw a very sharp contrast," Gingrich replied. "He used millions of dollars of negative and sometimes very false ads in Iowa to stop the momentum."