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Gilead Axes 139 Jobs in Colorado; CVT Reps Get Culture Shock

Gilead is laying off 66 people as it closes its Colorado offices to consolidate its operations in California, In-Pharma Technologist reports.

Gilead "hopes to relocate 73 of the 139 staff" that work in Colorado, but the company is consolidating in California, so unless all 73 decide to up sticks the actual amount of jobs lost will be greater. The cuts will be affected by New Year, so merry Xmas, Gilead-ites!

The move should not be a surprise. Gilead just acquired CV Therapeutics. In addition to the usual redundancies and overlap, Gilead is the company that gains the most revenues on the least resources invested. One presumes management has no intention of letting its operations get fat just because they bought someone out.

CVT reps are just figuring out that Gilead has a very different corporate culture than what they're used to, according to this Cafe Pharma thread titled, "CVT rep here, 'This Sucks."

And the Gilead people on this thread seem to be taking a fair amount of pleasure in giving their CVT brethren as hostile a welcome as possible ...

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