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Getting Started Guide for Office 2010 Available for Free

As predictable as the tides (presuming the tides were on a three year cycle), Microsoft has released a new version of Office. And while Office 2010 has appeared with surprisingly little fanfare, many businesses -- especially those that skipped Office 2007 -- are making the upgrade.

If you're starting to use Office 2010 and meeting some new features and UI elements -- like the relatively new ribbon interface -- for the first time, Microsoft is here to help with a 250-page book you can download for free.

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2010 is available from the Microsoft Download Center in DOC, PDF, and XPS formats, so there's a flavor here to satisfy pretty much everyone.

The book is really aimed at IT pros and help desk technicians who need to provide training and support to all the knowledge workers out there moving to the new version of Office. But there's a ton of stuff here for anyone who uses Office. The book details what's new, changed, and removed in Office in a way that only the folks who created the software can. There are sections on how to migrate your data, use the new features, and ensure compatibility between versions -- and it covers every program in the site, from Word to PowerPoint to OneNote.

Even if you have only a casual interest in Office 2010, it's not a bad idea to snag this book. You can copy it to your e-reader or just store it on your PC for reference. And don't forget that you can still get another free book on Office 2010 as well. [via gHacks]