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Get Free Small-Business Phone Service from Toktumi

Toktumi offers voice-over-IP phone service for small businesses. The free version includes an assigned phone number, voice mail, and free calls to other Toktumi users worldwide.

Sounds a bit like Skype, no? The difference here is that Toktumi ("talk to me" -- get it?) was designed with offices in mind. For example, the integrated auto-attendant feature lets you route calls to any number of extensions or phones, or straight to voice mail. You can also conference-call with up to 20 different phones and click-to-dial numbers you've searched for in Outlook or Google. In short, it's like a software-driven PBX.

Of course, most businesses will probably need the Full Service package, which for $12.95 monthly adds your choice of phone number (or porting of an existing number), Caller ID, and calling to landlines and mobile phones (at a rate of 2 cents per minute). If you're currently paying big bucks for phone service, this could save you a small fortune. Watch the video to see if Toktumi looks like a viable choice for your small biz. [via AppScout]

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