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George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara may ask judge to recuse herself from the Trayvon Martin shooting case

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman (center) and his attorney Mark O'Mara (right) appear in court on April 12, 2012 CBS

(CBS) George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O' Mara said Friday that he will likely file a motion to disqualify the randomly selected trial judge assigned to hear his client's case.

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In a short status hearing Friday afternoon, Circuit Court Judge Jessica Reckseidler spoke with O'Mara via telephone about whether she should recuse herself based on her husband's connection with Mark NeJame, a CNN analyst who has commented on the case. Reckseidler's husband is law partners with NeJame.

NeJame was approached by Zimmerman to take his case but told CNN Friday afternoon that he declined to offer partly because it would have required him to spend too much time away from his family.

Meanwhile, Reckseidler told O'Mara that if he wishes to file a motion to disqualify her he must do so in writing. She also asked that, if possible, the request be made before Zimmerman's next hearing, which is set for April 20.

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