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George Clooney: Sexiest Cook Alive

He's not just the sexiest man alive: He cooks too!

Actor George Clooney made a 20-pound turkey and all the trimmings for 30 people at his home this year.

He doesn't cook his bird in the oven, he deep fries it.

"The secret to it is the pot has to be bigger than the turkey," he told David Letterman on Tuesday's "Late Show" on CBS.

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The modest chef said that he's able to prepare two meals.

"I can cook Thanksgiving and subsequently Christmas, which is pretty much the same thing," he said.

He said that his food is tasty, but not necessarily healthy.

"Everyone comes over and thinks it's great because it's 400 sticks of butter," he laughed. "So if you can't feel your left arm, it's probably a good meal."

Clooney stars in the upcoming film "The Good German" with Toby Maguire and Cate Blanchett.

Earlier this year the Oscar-winning actor was named People magazine's sexiest man alive for the second time.

"I worked hard for that one," he quipped.

The interview airs on "Late Show With David Letterman" on CBS, Tuesday, Nov. 28.