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Gates 911 Call: Intruders Not Identified as Black

(AP Photo/Demotix Images, B. Carter)
A national firestorm over race was ignited when Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested at his Cambridge home.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (CBS/AP) A woman who called 911 to report a possible break-in at the home of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. did not identify the men she saw as black, according to a 911 tape released by Cambridge police Monday after more than a week of controversy over Gates' arrest on a disorderly conduct charge on July 16.

The caller, Lucia Whalen, says she saw two men pushing on the door of the house. She tells police she is not sure if the men live there or not. When pressed for a description by a dispatcher, she says one of the men may have been Hispanic.

Listen To The 911 Call

The call led to the arrest of Gates on a disorderly conduct charge, and a resulting national debate about racial profiling. The charge was later dropped.

Gates called his arrest by Sgt. James Crowley an act of racial profiling. Crowley's supporters say Gates was belligerent.

Obama initially said the police acted "stupidly," but was later forced to recast his choice of words as the controversy over the incident and the President's reaction overtook Obama's healthcare agenda.

The president called Crowley Friday and told him he regretted his choice of words. The two discussed getting a beer at the White House with Gates.

Spokesman Robert Gibbs says he hopes the drink will happen this week.

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