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Gas Prices Changing Ways Police Patrol

It's back to the future for police in many departments across the country as they get around the VERY old-fashioned way while on patrol now -- on foot.

That's just one step they're taking to try to cope with the skyrocketing cost of gas, reports Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen.

Others include idling the cars they do drive less, not letting officers take cars home, and converting fleets to more fuel-efficient vehicles to the extent their budgets allow.

Still other moves: using scooters and bikes more.

South Plainfield, N.J. Police Officer Frank Fusaro -- a ten-year veteran -- told Koeppen he's never had to walk the beat before -- but he does now.

At least, he points out, that means, "You're getting out and talking to people, coming out and saying, 'Hello.' It's never a bad thing."

Koeppen noted that one small town outside Atlanta is even imposing a $12 surcharge on speeding tickets, to cover the cost of police gas!

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