Gary Coleman Death: Ex-Wife Allegedly Selling Hospital Photos

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price
Gary Coleman and Shannon Price (AP)

NEW YORK (CBS) Is Gary Coleman's ex-wife looking to cash in on his death?

Shannon Price, ex-wife of the 42-year-old late actor, is under scrutiny amid reports that she is selling pictures taken of the star shortly before his death.

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According to TMZ, at least four photographs that were taken inside the hospital where Coleman died already have been sold, and three might appear in tabloid magazines this week.

One of the photos allegedly features Shannon posing next to a bedridden Coleman who is covered with hospital tubes.

The website also speculates that Price will get a cut of the profits from the sale.

Although Coleman and Price, 24, were legally divorced at the time of his death, it was confirmed by Utah Valley Regional Medical Center that Price was granted legal rights by the actor to make medical decisions on his behalf.

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