Gary Coleman 911 Call: "There's Blood Everywhere," Ex-Wife Tells Dispatcher

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price
Gary Coleman and Shannon Price (AP Photo)

SALT LAKE CITY (CBS/AP) The 911 call placed by Gary Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price just before he died Friday, has been released. Price can be heard telling the dispatcher that "there's blood everywhere" and that she "cannot deal" with the situation, and at one point refuses to go down to the kitchen to check on Coleman.

A frantic Price tells the dispatcher that she had asked her ex-husband, who she divorced in 2008, to go downstairs and make her some food, says the L.A. Times.

According to Price, Coleman, who was weak that day as a result of his extensive dialysis treatment, was downstairs when she heard a loud a bang. 

In the call, she tells the dispatcher that she went downstairs and saw her ex-husband lying on the kitchen floor surrounded by blood.

Although Price insisted that help came quickly, she tells the dispatcher that she went upstairs because she had been ill and had a tendency to have seizures and  "[did] not want to be traumatized right now."

Two minutes into the call the dispatcher urges Price to go downstairs to check on her ex-husband, who Price said was sitting slightly conscious on the kitchen floor with blood streaming out of the back of his head. Price tells the dispatcher she will try to help, saying, "I'll try. I can't be here with the blood, I just can't do it."

She tells the dispatcher she is "freaking out" and occasionally can be heard yelling at Coleman to sit down and to put pressure on his wound.

When the paramedics arrive, almost five minutes later, Price says she can no longer deal "because [she] is covered in blood."

Coleman was rushed to the hospital, but lapsed into a coma and was taken off life support Friday morning.

Listen to Gary Coleman's 911 Call