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Garry Marshall: "Pretty Woman" didn't have an ending

(CBS News) "Pretty Woman" director Garry Marshall revealed Tuesday that the fairly tale ending in the film wasn't the original plan. The movie didn't have an ending.

On "CBS This Morning" Marshall said, "I kept thinking, 'What could it be?' and until we finally had a fairy tale ending. I remember re-shooting, I said, 'Julia, tell this story about a little girl in the tower,' (she said,) 'What's it got to do with anything?' (I said,) 'Just tell it, it'll be great for the ending.' And she did. It's one shot, that's not my finest shot, where she tells the fairy tale, but it helped us with the ending."

Pictures: Julia Roberts
WATCH: Julia Roberts on Garry Marshall

Marshall said "Pretty Woman" surprised everyone who worked on the movie. "We did very, very well," he said. "...We didn't know what it was about when we started. But we figured it out. Julie was just special. And Richard joined us. I remember Richard saying, 'You don't need me. She's great. She's gonna pop,' and I said, 'Yeah, but we need you.' But he said 'You just need a suit.' He wanted me to get a suit and that would be his part, but he was great, and he helped her tremendously."

Pictures: Richard Gere

Marshall has been behind some of the funniest and most memorable sitcoms and movies made in America for the last half a century, from "Happy Days" and "The Odd Couple" to "The Princess Diaries" and "Never Been Kissed." For discussion on all that and more, watch the video in the player above.

Marshall's memoir, "My Happy Days in Hollywood," written with his daughter, Lori Marshall, is now available in bookstores and online.

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