"Frozen Baby" on the Mend

Little Finley Burton, of Durham, England, looks and acts just fine now.

"Early Show" newsreader Betty Nyugen reported after heart surgery a few weeks ago, doctors chilled his body to just over freezing -- for four days -- to help him heal. Doctors made the decision to lower 16-week-old Finley Burton's body temperature to just 92.12 Fahrenheit(33.4 degrees Celsius) after his heart went into junctional ectopic tachycardia, a severe type of heart rhythm, after an operation to repair a heart defect.

Finley's body went into an induced state of hypothermia, in order to keep his heart rate stable.

His mom, Donna Link-Emery, says it was like Finley was "made of wax" -- but now laughs about the "Frozen Baby" nickname.

Link-Emery laughed when she told reporters, "The 'frozen' baby - it's one of those nicknames that we've got. I didn't think it was possible. But we love him even more now. He's always going to be special - special and fab now."

Finley's rapid recovery has astounded doctors at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital where the operation was performed. After spending another 12 days in the hospital for monitoring he was able to return home.