Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford Featured on "Undercover Boss"

Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford on "Undercover Boss" (CBS)
Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford on "Undercover Boss" (CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford briefly stepped away from his post in the boardroom and went incognito as a flight attendant on Sunday night's episode of "Undercover Boss."

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Disguised in a dark toupee and glasses, the top exec literally went to great heights to experience the front-lines of his company through his alter ego Richard Jacobs.

During his undercover experience, Bedford scrubbed toilets, cleaned the aisles, and emptied trash while working as an aircraft appearance agent.  He also worked a high-altitude shift on a flight from Denver to San Diego where he demonstrated the safety check, made in-flight announcements and even contributed to the flight's late departure time.

"When you're doing a job you've never done before, you make a lot of mistakes," Bedford told the Los Angeles Times about his time on the show.

Bedford told the Times that his in-flight experience was his favorite part of the job because it gave him the rare opportunity to "sit with customers and have quality one-on-one time with them."

He also expressed to BNET his new-found appreciation for his workers and said that since filming for the show he has adopted a few new business practices.  One of the changes he's instituted is all Frontier Airlines officers will now get a taste of the front-lines by working out in the field for a different department of the organization.