Friday Music Round-Up Showdown (Round 1 edition)

(CBS News) We're doing something different this week with the Friday Music Round-Up. In past posts I've given thanks to a colleague, Casey Glynn, who often acts as a sounding board to my musical selections. This time, however, instead of giving her thanks, I'm giving her a shot at the title (disclaimer: title may or may not actually exist) in a two-round, musical showdown... to the death! Okay, the stakes are more like a cup of coffee, but saying that lacks the heightened level of drama I was going for. 

Anyways, moving along, I'm up first for Round 1, so let's get ready to rumble starting with this amazing music video above: The Alabama Shakes performing their hit song "Hold On" last weekend on Saturday Night Live! I can't express enough how much you need to see this.

Beyond the fact (yes, fact!) that The Alabama Shakes are a very talented band who will become household names (if not already), this particular selection holds a special place in my heart as I was literally right there for the performance. And like a cherry on top of an amazing music sundae, I got to meet and take a picture with bassist, Zac Cockrell. (Jealous much?) It all adds up to the first spot being the easiest choice I've ever made for the Friday Music Round-Up

And to keep in line with a Southern style of sound (which is where your blogger here was born and raised): up next is a cover of John Legend's legendary song "Who Did That To You" performed by Shawn James and the Shapeshifters live at KUAF in Fayetteville, Ark. from YouTube user Anna Hutchinson. Let the deep vocals and smooth melody wash over you in this phenomenal cover.

And because this is a two-part post, we've split up the usual areas. I'll be taking on the blend of aesthetic and auditory with my final selection at the bottom from the band Matthew and Me that incorporates "100 coloured umbrellas, 50-100 cold and wet call centre staff, 7 crew, 2 cameras and one 27M cherry picker over 3 days" into an epic, tilt-shift photography music video posted by Vimeo user Sounds Commercial. It's visual, bright and very slick. Trust me.

So... how'd I do? Click here to check out Casey's musical selections for Round 2, and feel free to leave us comments on who won the showdown. I just hope my amazing selections haven't set you up to be totally and completely disappointed by Round 2. (Just kidding there, Casey!). As always, make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral (and music) video needs!