French driver trapped for an hour as car brakes jam at 125 mph on motorway

Cars drive on a French motorway
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A French driver is speaking out after being trapped in his car for an hour as it sped along at 125 mph with no brakes.

Frank Lecerf eventually crossed the border into Belgium -- all the while unable to stop the vehicle. His Renault Laguna finally came to a stop when it ran out of fuel and rolled into a ditch, according to Britain's The Guardian.

Now Lecerf, 36, plans to file a legal complaint over the incident.

Lecerf left his home in Pont-de-Metz, near the northern French city of Amiens, to do his weekly shopping. His car, which had been adapted for disabled drivers, initially jammed at 60 mph. Each time Lecerf attempted to use the brake, the car accelerated, eventually reaching 125 mph.

Lecerf phoned emergency services from the car and his journey was then followed by several police vehicles, which escorted him along the French motorway.

Three toll stations were warned to raise their barriers as Lecerf's speeding car drove through.

"My life flashed before me," he told France's Courrier Picard in an interview published Wednesday. ''I just wanted it to stop." He wasn't injured but had two epileptic seizures.

Lecerf claims it wasn't the first time his car had jammed and his lawyer said he would file a legal complaint over "endangerment of a person's life."