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Free Gaza Movement Vows Future Missions to Break Gaza Blockade

The Free Gaza Movement, the group that led the aid flotilla destined for the Gaza Strip on Monday, is vowing to continue with future missions to try to break Israel's blockage on Gaza.

Adam Shapiro, a member of the group told CBS News' Jan Crawford on Tuesday's "Washington Unplugged" that the violent confrontation will not serve as a deterrent to their mission. Shapiros's wife, Huwaida Arraf, had been held by Israel.

"We have started receiving offers from people who want to donate other ships," he said. "So, we are going to build up yet another flotilla, maybe even bigger than this one and we will bring along with us much more media and we will also bring with us much more high-profile people and we will launch again a flotilla to break the siege on Gaza."

Free Gaza Movement also believes that Egypt, which has helped Israel's efforts to enforce the blockade by cracking down on smuggling tunnels and rejecting pressure to open its border crossing, is merely following Israel's orders.

Shapiro said the Free Gaza Movement has attempted to also challenge Egypt's blockade.

"Egypt abides by the same blockade that Israel is imposing. That blockade is following Israel's orders. Israel is determining what can enter and what cannot enter Gaza as the occupying power of Gaza," he said.

Watch Monday's "Washington Unplugged" above, which also features Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the U.S..

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