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Frank Lowe: All states must allow us to live the American Dream

CBS News asked noted figures in the arts, business and politics about their experience in today's civil rights movement, or about figures who inspired them in their activism.

Frank Lowe, father (Twitter profile @GayAtHomeDad)

When it comes to equality, what issues/actions are most important to you?

Frank Lowe Twitter

To me, the most important equality issue is marriage and family equality. Despite the great strides over the past few years, we still have a long way to go before marriage and family laws apply equally to all people in all states.

I am a proud, gay married dad. I can say that only because my family lives in Connecticut, a state that legally recognizes our marriage and family. The majority of states still do not have marriage equality, and some conservative states even prohibit such equality in their laws and constitutions.

My dream is for same-sex couples who live in these states to finally have the same rights that we do. I want them to experience the dignity of marriage, and the beautiful gift of raising children. I want the laws to respect and encourage all of our nation's families. To me, that is part of the American dream.

I am personally living the American dream every day, and I want every family to equally share that dream with me.

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