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Foxworthy Keeps Rolling, Redneck-Style

Jeff Goldsworthy continues to redefine the English language -- the redneck English language, that is.

The comedy giant's third "redneck dictionary" is debuting -- "Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary III: Learning to Talk More Gooder Fastly."

He spoke, and joked with Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith Wednesday about his remarkable run, and life and living.

He told Smith he's psyched for the holidays: "Get my family together -- it's always more material in there!," since he frequently refers to real-life events in his comedy.

A tiny sample of Foxworthy's latest take on redneck vernacular (these were among the words he and Smith bandied about):

ORANGE: verb and adverb. A contraction of "are not," usually used as an interrogative. "ORANGE you glad I didn't drive drunk?"
TATTOO: preposition and noun. Up to a couple of hours past midday or midnight. "I can only stay TATTOO, then I gotta get back to work."
WINNER: adverb and adjective. With temporal regard to someone or something connected to a female. "Tell me WINNER call pulls into the driveway."

"My books," he laughed with Smith, "never and up in libraries. They're in the backs of toilets all over the country!"

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The master of rednecks and blue collars has sold more comedy CDs than any other artist. He's a huge hit on tour and TV, and is a multiple Grammy nominee. Oh, and the third "dictionary" adds to the list of more than 20 books he's penned. The first two dictionaries were best-sellers.

Foxworthy hosts the hit Fox show "Are Your Smarter than a 5th Grader." Before that, he executive produced and starred in "Foxworthy's Big Night Out." Foxworthy had also starred in and executive produced the television series "Blue Collar TV", which he created for the WB Network. That show resulted from the success of "Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie." That spawned a sequel, "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again." The Blue Collar boys reunited to shoot "Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road" at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., in their final appearance together. Jeff also has an HBO special and two Showtime specials on his resume. His syndicated weekly radio show, "The Foxworthy Countdown," is carried in more than 220 markets across the United States.

Foxworthy has helped the Duke University Children's Hospital raise millions of dollars over the past ten years, and is the honorary chairman of the Duke Children's Classic Golf Tournament.

A Georgia native, he lives with his wife and two daughters in Atlanta.

To read an excerpt of "Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary III: Learning to Talk More Gooder Fastly," click here.