Four Ways Dropbox Can Improve Team Efficiency

Last Updated Nov 15, 2010 1:16 PM EST

We're big Dropbox fans around these parts, and with good reason: the service makes it effortless to sync and share files.

In the past we've shared countless tips (see below) for turning Dropbox into a productivity tool, but most of those were focused on individual productivity. Over at Web Worker Daily, Pamela Poole offers four examples of how Dropbox can come to the rescue when you're part of a team. Here's one of them:

My husband and I manage translation projects. He deals with the clients, I deal with the translators. In the last two months we've had to manage 10 projects involving 28 translators, and that can get a little hairy. Even though our computers are networked, we have all the files we use for job tracking in a Dropbox folder. We update the files when it's convenient, and because the files are all kept in sync we know that we're working with the most current info. Also, when I needed to get huge PDF user manuals to translators for reference, I just created a Dropbox folder for that purpose and sent them all invites.
Poole also details how she used Dropbox to restore a client's lost files, convince a team leader to use Dropbox for sharing info with a group of writers, and pair with an iPhone app to sync notes (which, admittedly, has nothing to do with teams). Good stuff.

If you've yet to try Dropbox, what in the world are you waiting for? A fully functional free account gives you 2GB of online storage; anyone needing more can pony up for a Pro account.

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