Four Retiring Republicans Give Campaign Cash To NRCC

Four retiring House Republicans did their part in February to help the party's cash-strapped campaign committee before heading to the exits at the end of the year.

Ohio Rep. Deborah Pryce tops the list by transferring $100,000 from her reelection campaign to the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to a recent filing with the Federal Election Commission.

New York Rep. Jim Walsh ($50,000), Florida Rep. Dave Weldon ($30,000) and Mississippi Rep. Chip Pickering ($15,000) also contributed money, even though each has decided to make this year his last on Capitol Hill.

Not to be outdone, two members vying for top committee posts also ponied up last month. Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, who is a top contender for the ranking slot atop the Ways and Means Committee after Louisiana Rep. Jim McCrery officially retires, tranferred $50,000 from his campaign account to the NRCC. Alabama Rep. Jo Bonner, who was recently tapped for an open seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee, gave the campaign committee $20,000 last month on top of the $10,000 he had previously contributed.

Retirements undercut the party's fundraising prowess because donors rarely contribute campaign cash to members who are heading for the exits. But many of these members are expected to make sizeable transfers from their campaign accounts before stepping down at the end of the year. After all, they can't take it with 'em when they go.