Former NFL Player, Ex-Lover Heading to Trial for 1994 Cold Case Murder of Bill McLaughlin

Eric Naposki (Greenwich Police)
Former NFL Player, Ex-Lover Heading to Trial for 1994 Cold Case Murder of William McLaughlin
Eric Naposki (Greenwich Police)

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (CBS/AP) Nearly sixteen years after the murder of Newport Beach multimillionaire Bill McLaughlin , police have charged two suspects - McLaughlin's ex-girlfriend and her former lover, a former NFL linebacker.

Both Nanette Packard McNeal and Eric Naposki, who played with the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots, are awaiting trial after pleading not guilty at last year's preliminary hearing, reports KTLA.

Naposki is facing one felony count murder while McNeal is charged with one felony count of murder for financial gain in the December 1994 shooting death of the 55-year-old millionaire.

Prosecutors told The Los Angeles Times McNeal would have received $1 million in life insurance and $150,000 from McLaughlin's will in the event of his death.

Newport Beach officials are looking to reinstate former police Det. Thomas Voth who had been retired for fourteen years.

Voth who was the lead detective in the December 15, 1994 murder has spent countless uncompensated hours helping Orange County prosecutor Matt Murphy prepare for trial, and will most likely be "required to perform additional pre-trial preparation and be present during the entire trial," reports the Times.

Murphy hopes city officials realize Voth's instrumental role in the case and rehire the retired cop at the same rate as a part-time police officer, $48.83 an hour, about $47,000 altogether.

According to The Los Angeles Times, McLaughlin was financially supporting McNeal when she allegedly persuaded her boyfriend on the side, Naposki, to murder the successful businessman.