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Ford Flies High In New Flick

One of America's favorite action hero will return to movie screens Friday with the opening of Six Days, Seven Nights.

Actor Harrison Ford stars with Anne Heche in the romantic adventure-comedy about a rough-and-tumble cargo pilot whose plane crashes on an uncharted island.

Heche plays a bitter New Yorker on a much-needed vacation, who finds herself stranded with Ford, and unprepared to cope with the island's wilderness. David Schwimmer also stars as Heche's hapless boyfriend.

Much to the delight of the filmmakers, Ford, who is a certified to pilot to a number of aircraft, took the controls himself in most of the flying scenes.

Ford said Touchstone Pictures cleared his high-flying stunts with the insurance company, and his family gave him their approval.

"My family is not concerned about my flying. They fly with me and...I think they're quite used to the whole idea of it," Ford told CBS 'This Morning' Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

Ford has been flying for a few years, something he has in common with another of Hollywood's biggest stars, John Travolta.

"I met John through flying. I bought a certain airplane that he knew quite a lot about, and he called me to give me the benefit of his experience. I was grateful for that," Ford said.

Ford's films - such as Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark - have earned more money at the box office than those of any other movie star.

While Six Days, Seven Nights was being filmed, some questioned whether Heche - who is the gay lover of comic Ellen DeGeneres in real life - could convincingly play a heterosexual role. Ford shrugged off the speculation.

"I think she's wonderful in the film. I think she's beautiful, attractive in every way, and she's a remarkable actress," he said. "I think the film works very well."

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