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Food Roundup: PepsiCo and Print Videos, Burgerville and Bicycles, and More

Pepsi Max part of first print video ad campaign -- Entertainment Weekly is trying out video ads in its magazines next month. Created by Americhip, the ads have a thin, two-inch screen and the video starts playing when the pages is turned. The screens can hold 40 minutes of video. The debut ads will be for PepsiCo's Pepsi Max and CBS programming. [Sources: BBC, Minyanville]

Burgerville changes bicycle drive-through policy -- Burgerville has apologized to a mother who was denied service at a drive-through window because she was on a bicycle, and the company has pledged to change its policy. The woman wrote about the incident on her blog and on Twitter, provoking a quick apology from Burgerville, which has an image as an environmentally-friendly company. Burger King and McDonald's both ban bicycles from their drive-through services. [Source: USA Today]

Time takes on food industry -- A cover story in Time magazine argues that our seemingly cheap food actually comes at a high cost to health and the environment. Supporters of sustainable agriculture hailed the story as the first in the mainstream media to take such a blunt approach. [Sources: Time, Grist]

Nestle's Toll House cookie dough is back -- After an E. coli contamination scare, Nestle has put its Toll House cookie dough products back on the shelves, this time with new packaging. The colors are different and the phrase "New Batch" lets consumers know the products are not still leftover from before the recall. The packages also include a new warning against eating raw cookie dough. The source of the original E. coli has still not been determined, as Nestle's factories all tested clean. [Sources:, Food Business News]

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