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Food Foer Thought

In the New Republic, Franklin Foer has a warning for left-wing bloggers who seek to take down the MSM. Foer says they're playing right into the hands of the right-wing bloggers (tip of the hat to Romenesko). Read the entire piece, it should stoke the debate:
"There's another reason that liberals shouldn't be so quick to help conservatives crush old media. Because of the right's alliance with business, it simply has more resources to shovel at its institutions--and it has been doing exactly that for the last 40 years. And, unlike liberals, conservatives have already proved themselves masters of partisan media, where they reduce their political program into highly saleable, entertaining populism. If the battle of ideas doesn't have credible, neutral arbiters like the so-called MSM--and liberals jump into an ideological shoving match with bigger, badder, conservative outlets--there's no question which side will prevail."