Fla. police search for woman they say shot 3, including 12-year-old

MIAMI -- Police are searching for a woman they say shot three people, including a 12-year-old boy in Miami.

Authorities say the three victims were walking near a park Saturday night when they were stopped by a car. Authorities say a female passenger got out with a gun and demanded their belongings.

Police say the victims complied, but that the female suspect still fired several shots.

Police say the three victims ran down the streets before the boy collapsed. He was shot in the chest. A woman was also hit and a man was grazed. They were all taken to the hospital. The boy is in critical condition, but no other details were released.

The victims were ages 12, 17, and 20, CBS Miami reported. 

“I was sitting on my porch and heard like six or seven shots,” said a neighbor. “So I get up and I look and there’s three of them walking and they’re screaming for help. He’s bleeding all over the place and he ends up and collapsed right here. We run to him and she puts pressure on his shirt and I’m calling 911. I’m trying to keep him alive.”

City of Miami Fire Rescue responded and transported the victims to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

One of the victims, a juvenile male, was transported to Ryder Trauma Center, where he remains in critical condition.

Police remained on the scene all night gathering evidence, putting things in bags around the area blocked off with crime scene tape.

Police say they are looking for a medium-built black female in possibly a silver or white four door Chrysler sedan.