Floods from Odile remnants drench Southwest

NOGALES, Ariz. -- For the second straight week, millions in the Southwest are threatened by dangerous flooding. The flood threat continues through the weekend and stretches from Arizona into the Great Plains.

CBS News' Carter Evans reported this morning from Nogales, Ariz., where people are still recovering from last week's deadly flooding -- and where, overnight, heavy rain pounded the state, causing streams to overflow.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Odile were strong enough to cause flash flooding and send water raging down city streets not equipped to handle the sudden downpour.

Evacuations are already underway in parts of the state.

It was also a soggy night Wednesday in El Paso, Texas, where rain is already falling. Nearly 3 inches of rain drenched the city and prompted flash flood warnings.

Local firefighters said nearly fifty rescues and other emergencies have been reported in the area as the fast-moving water left some drivers stuck in their vehicles.

With heavy rain and runoff blanketing streets throughout El Paso, people are being warned to stay off the roads.

Rainstorms moving east across the state have brought heavy rainfall to parts of Central Texas, flash flood warnings to the Houston area, and a lightning strike that ignited an oil tank fire.

The remnants of Hurricane Odile brought up to 3 inches of rain to the Austin area along with isolated flooding. A flash flood warning was issued Wednesday for Brazoria, Galveston and Harris counties, with the National Weather Service issuing a flood watch into Thursday.

The Harris County Flood Control District says rainfall exceeded 1.5 inches in just 15 minutes. Police say flooding and weather-related accidents have closed some sections of highway in the Houston area.

Emergency personnel in Baytown were working to contain the crude oil fire at a storage tank. There were no reports of injuries.