Fla. pilot spots theft at his own home while flying

A plane takes off from Mogadishu's airport Nov. 26, 2009, with two freelance journalists, one from Canada and the other from Australia, who were freed after 15 months in captivity in Somalia.
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(CBS/AP) LABELLE, Fla. - Authorities say a Florida man flying home from North Carolina caught a man stealing a trailer while piloting his plane over his own home.

The News-Press reports that David Zehntner was flying over his home in LaBelle Sunday when he saw a truck in his driveway. He lowered his altitude to get a closer look and saw a man attaching Zehntner's trailer to the truck.

Zehntner followed the truck and called the Glades County Sheriff's Office from the air. Glades deputies contacted the Lee County Sheriff's Office, which found the truck as it headed into Charlotte County.

Gary Haines, 59, of Virginia, was arrested and charged with grand theft. He was released Monday from the Charlotte County Jail on $2,500 bond. It's not clear whether he's retained an attorney.