Fit to be Fined? Santa Monica weighs making trainers pay to hold classes in city parks

City of Santa Monica, Calif., considers imposing fines - as indicated above - on fitness trainers who teach in public parks.
CBS Los Angeles
(CBS) SANTA MONICA, Calif. - In a city where fitness is next to godliness, Santa Monica officials are considering fining aerobics trainers who use public parks to conduct their classes, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Citing complaints from residents about the noise, and claiming all the training equipment is damaging park grounds, city leaders have discussed charging fitness trainers a $100 annual fee and taking 15 percent of their gross revenue.

They may also ban certain parks from being used for workout lessons.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the issue is most apparent at Palisades Park, a spot popular with fitness buffs for its ocean views.

"The idea of shutting down group training in this park is appalling," said Angela Parker, a trainer who runs Body Inspired Fitness.

Parker said she supports city regulation, even if it takes 10 percent of her revenue, but feels 15 percent and banning certain parks is a double blow to her business.

"We're a small, independently-owned business and, unfortunately, we would have to pass that percentage down to our clients," Parker said.

The City Council is expected to hear suggestions from a committee on the fitness-fee proposal next month, and then discuss the matter in March.