First Medical Marijuana Ad Airs in California: Is it Wrong?

On the federal level, weed advocates shouldn't hold their breath for decriminalization. True, in January 2009, the American Medical Association announced that the federal government should consider reclassifying weed. This was done in the hopes of making it easier for researchers who want to study medical marijuana to get their hands on enough of it. This is an issue, because pot is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. That means it's in the same category as heroin. Still, the AMA states that they do not think there is evidence that marijuana "meets the current standards for a prescription drug product."
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Will medical marijuana ads on television give the right or wrong idea? (istockphto)

(CBS) Is opposition to medical marijuana going up in smoke?

No one seemed out of joint earlier this week when a California TV station broadcast what is believed to be the first-ever paid spot for medical weed. Or were they just keeping a lid on their feelings?

"I answer my phone, and I have received nothing directly," acting general of Fox affiliate KTKL in Sacramento, told ABC News. "I expected more."

The 30-second ad, for Sacramento, Calif. Medical marijuana dispensary "CannaCare," didn't show images of pot or even use the word "marijuana." Instead, it showed a series of brief testimonials on the benefits of medical marijuana, referring to marijuana as "cannabis."

Marijuana is now used to treat a variety of illnesses, including diabetes and HIV.

California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use, according to ABC News. In November voters will decide whether recreational use of marijuana should be permitted.