First look at dating show "I Wanna Marry 'Harry'"

Matthew Hicks from "I Wanna Marry 'Harry.'"


Fox has released the first trailer for its upcoming reality series "I Wanna Marry 'Harry.'"

The show dupes 12 American women into believing they're competing for the attention of Britain's Prince Harry, with the help of a (sort of) lookalike suitor.

If you're wondering how these women could possibly believe they're being courted by an actual prince, it seems that at least some of them seriously believe he's the real Harry.

The trailer calls the show "a series with a royally wicked twist" and references Fox's 2003 hoax "Joe Millionaire," where women competed for the heart of a man they thought was rich.

"I Wanna Marry 'Harry'" premieres May 27 on Fox. Watch the video below: