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Find People Who Want to Succeed As Much as You Do

The research is clear: Maintaining strong connections-a close tribe-is vital not only to your health, but your professional success. A group, or tribe, can have as few members as 20 or as many as 150. What's critical is the quality of the relationships, not the quantity.

People form tribes without thinking, just as birds flock without being told to do it. The problem is that 75% of tribes have cultures that allow, or even encourage, defeated and resigned communication. Only one in four is set up to succeed, and only 2% are capable of changing the world. (Watch BNET's excellent video summary of this idea.)

Here's how to upgrade your tribe, and add the connections you need to ensure that 2011 will rock:

  1. Identify colleagues who share your values and want the same success.
  2. Cultivate relationships with and between these contacts, by pointing out mutual interest and shared commitments.
  3. Ask the members of your emerging tribe who else they know who would make good additions to this group.
Want to take tribe-building to the highest level (to get to the top 2%)? Learn about a technique called social fusion.

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