Find Flight Time, Closest Airport, Driving Distances, and Other Handy Travel Calculations

Last Updated Jan 3, 2011 10:51 AM EST

A few months ago, I had to fly to Richmond, Virginia, for a conference. It turned out that there are two nearby airports, and at the time, it wasn't clear to me which was the closest choice. If I had known about travelmath, I wouldn't have had to wonder; telling you about the closest airport to your destination is just one of the many tricks up this site's sleeve.

Travelmath is a site with a dozen travel calculators, each designed to help with a different aspect of planning a trip. As I mentioned, you can enter a city and the site will tell you the closest airport. But it does much more. You can also find the driving time between two locations as well as get the estimated fuel cost if you drive (you can fine-tune the total by entering a specific cost per gallon). Want to know what airlines travel to a particular city? Travelmath can tell you that too. And that's just a few of its many abilities.

The site is free, requires no registration, and using it is fast and effortless -- so it's a handy resource to help plan a trip. Every calculation provides a wealth of additional related information as well, such as a Google map packed with related points of interest. [via Lifehacker]