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Find Airport Security Wait Times on Your Phone

I like surprises, but not the kind like when you arrive at McCarran hoping to fly home from a Vegas trade show, only to find the security line will take longer than you have till your flight's departure, so: Surprise! You miss your flight.

The TSA has taken some pity on us and released some tools to help determine what wait time to expect.

My TSA is available in two flavors: an iPhone app and a mobile-optimized Web site. Both offer roughly the same experience, though the iPhone app has a few more bells and whistles -- nice if you fly a lot, but not essential if you only climb on board a plane a few times a year.

In addition to an FAQ that answers questions about what you can bring on the plane, My TSA has general airport status information and (here's the good part) reported security wait times by airport and specific checkpoints.

That's the good news. The bad news: It's not official wait times as tracked by the TSA, but instead is crowd-sourced data. So it's only as detailed and accurate as it can be based on the diligent entry of Good Samaritans who entered estimates via the app or Web site as they passed through. Even so, it's a handy tool for your next flight. [via Lifehacker]