'Fight Night Round 3'

Fight Night Round 3 screenshots
EA Sports
Jump into the ring and knock out contenders in this latest boxing release for the PlayStation 3. Released earlier this month on Sony's next-gen platform, "Fight Night Round 3" delivers.

In this title there is no shortage of superstar boxers. "Fight Night Round 3" features household names such as Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones Jr., as well as legends such as Ali and Frazier.

The graphical presentation is handled pretty well on the PS3 version. You can see great details such as sweat and facial features. Even on a standard-definition display, the game looks great.

The knockout replays are particularly fun to watch. When a knockout occurs, you get an up-close replay where you can see the boxer's face ripple while blood and spit go flying out of his mouth. There is not much to the audio component of the game as ringside commentary seems to repeat itself and crunching noises are not much help to the visuals.

The controls take some getting used to, but after a few practice rounds you should have no problem during fights. Sadly, "Fight Night Round 3" for the PS3 does not take advantage of the new SIXAXIS controller, so you're relegated to the standard buttons. On the default setting you use the left analog stick to move your boxer and the right analog stick to control your boxer's punches.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky. You move the analog stick in a quarter-circle or half-circle motion to throw either a left or right handed punch. Special punches, which use more force on your opponent, can be thrown using the R2 and X buttons. Blocking your opponent's jabs can be accomplished using the R1 button. If you're feeling tired, you can clinch your opponent and lean on him using the triangle button to gain some strength.

Minigames are scattered throughout the game. One such game occurs between rounds, where you move the right analog stick in a rapid side-to-side motion to reduce swelling on your boxer's face.

In "Fight Night Round 3" you can also have the option to create a fighter. The list of options is numerous, like being able to tweak different kinds of facial features. Thanks to the graphical power of the PS3, the detail is amazing. Online play is jam packed with content as well - you get an entire set of stat-tracking features. In a few minutes you can easily start a match with someone online.

Once online you can also take advantage of the ESPN Radio live ticker updates for the latest sports news. Gamers will also notice the barrage of in-game advertising from Burger King as its logos are displayed in numerous venues.

"Fight Night Round 3" is very enjoyable to play, especially in multiplayer format. It's not just a standard boxing game, as online play introduces many new aspects that will keep gamers busy.

"Fight Night Round 3" is rated "T" for Teen (Content suitable for ages 13 or older) and is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox and Xbox 360.