Fight Jet Lag with Jet Lag Fighter App (iPhone)

Last Updated May 13, 2010 4:56 PM EDT

It sounds like a videogame, but Virgin Atlantic's Jet Lag Fighter for iPhone helps you combat a real-world enemy: the debilitating effects of time travel.

Um, I mean, traveling across time zones. The app provides a personalized daily activity calendar based on the details of your trip: how far you're going, what time you're leaving/arriving, your usual sleep times, and so on.

Specifically, Jet Lag Fighter prescribes various "therapies" you can use to thwart the effects of jet lag: light exposure, exercise, sleep adjustments, and so on.

It also provides a graph showing the real-time predicted adjustment, an alertness meter indicating the body's peak levels of performance, in-flight tips based on trip length, and a multimedia guide to jet lag. (Sleep researcher Dr. Chris Idzikowski provides the information and narration.)

I haven't been able to put the app to the test yet, but I did discover one area of confusion on the profile-setup page: it asks for your flight's departure and arrival times, but doesn't specify whether those are supposed to be local and/or destination times.

Even so, I'd be grateful to have an app like this helping me out on my next long trip. The last time I went to Europe, the jet lag was seriously awful. For $1.99, this seems like a no-brainer -- especially for folks who frequently circle the globe.

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