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Fewer Cars, Less Traffic

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchorHarry Smith.

New Yorker's are more than a little concerned because they may soon have to pay extra for using an automobile in Manhattan. London started a similar plan a few years back in efforts to curb some of the traffic that gridlocks the city on a daily basis.

My own less-than-scientific observation concludes: traffic here has gotten progressively worse, and people who know about such things say that the number of people living in cities will increase by billions over the next few decades. What to do?

I was in Amsterdam recently and, while tiny in size compared to New York City, it's a city where bikes, not cars, are the norm. I kept thinking if all those bikes were cars, Amsterdam would be in a state of perpetual gridlock as well. Instead, you see people of all ages, in all kinds of weather, wheeling to work and play; so much cheaper than a car, and good exercise too.

Perhaps New York could become New Amsterdam…again.

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By Harry Smith

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