Fender-bender happy accident for down-on-luck family

Kim Kerswell, right, with children Kaylee, 12, and Ryan, 3
CBS Boston
(CBS) MILFORD, Mass. - A run of the mill fender-bender is looking like the best accident that ever happened to one family living about 40 miles from Boston.

According to CBS Boston, it all began in the parking lot outside the Panera Bread cafe in Milford, Mass., where single-mother Kim Kerswell works. She rear-ended Sherene Borr's van.

Kim asked Sherene if they could work out a payment plan because she knew she didn't have the money to cover the cost of fixing the bumper, as she's spending her first Christmas as a single mom to 12-year-old Kaylee and 3-year-old Ryan.

"She (Sherene) asked me my situation and I told her I'm a single mom just trying to make ends meet," Kim said. "She started breaking down in tears."

Sherene told CBS Boston the exchange was "very emotional."

"I grew up in a single parent household and things can get tough," she explained.

The two women exchanged information but Sherene couldn't stop thinking about Kim, the woman who rear-ended her, and Kim's family.

Hours later, Kim got a text - from Sherene.

"There is a reason we met today, I have many friends lined up to make your family's Christmas."

While Sherene's family celebrates Hanukkah, she is making sure Kim's family has a Merry Christmas. She and her friends have purchased toys and apartment supplies. They're also providing gift cards for food and gas, CBS Boston reports.

"For me she's like an angel," Kim said.

"I just feel very blessed and want to give those things to other people," Sherene said.

Out of their accidental meeting, the two women are forging a friendship.  The only condition is a commitment to pay it forward.

"I know things are going to get better and when they do, my daughter and I and my son, we're going to help another family," Kim vows.