FEMA admin: "You hoped it wasn't going to be this bad"

(CBS News) Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate continues to monitor storm conditions throughout the east coast, from FEMA headquarters in Washington D.C. Fugate joined "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday to address the measures his agency is taking to respond to the storm at a federal and local level.

On Monday, Fugate shared some last minute advice for those bracing for the storm and said extended power outages were one of his primary concerns. Tuesday, he confirmed that the storm met his grim expectations.

"Unfortunately, it hasn't been the surprise, it's been what we were looking at," Fugate told Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell. "You hoped it wasn't going to be this bad."

His message to residents in areas impacted by the storm? "If you are not in an area of immediate danger, stay inside, off the roads."

He stressed, "This is not over, we are not talking about recovery, we are still talking about life safety operations."

Fugate explained that FEMA is coordinating closely with President Obama and the governors of New York and New Jersey to execute those life safety operations, primarily in the heavy hit areas of New York City and the along the New Jersey coast, both regions that have prompted "a lot of requests" according to Fugate.