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Federal Reserve is a target at Florida Republican debate


Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke was in the bullseye Monday night at the debate of Republican presidential hopefuls in Florida.

Texas Governor Rick Perry stood by comments made last month that Bernanke's efforts to jumpstart the U.S. economy would be almost treasonous.

"I said that, if you are allowing the Federal Reserve to be used for political purposes, that it would be almost treasonous. I think that is a very clear statement of fact," Perry said.

"It is a travesty that young people in America are seeing their dollars devalued in what -- we don't know if it was political or not because of the transparency issue. But I stand by this, that we need to have a Fed that is working towards sound monetary policy, that creates a strong dollar in America, and we do not have that today," Perry said.

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Asked if she agreed with Perry on the treasonous comment, Rep. Michele Bachmann declined to say but said she think the Fed's power should be curtailed.

"As president of the United States, I would not be reappointing Ben Bernanke," Bachmann said.

"Congress has given the Federal Reserve almost unlimited power over the economy. That has to change. They can no longer have that power," she added.

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