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FBI: Would-be Obama assassin had brass knuckles

The FBI says the semi-automatic assault rifle recovered from White House shooting suspect Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez's car was a Romanian Cugir SA equipped with a large scope. Witnesses say the suspect was known to own that type of gun in Idaho and when Ortega left a couple of weeks ago, the gun went missing.

According to the criminal complaint, additional ammunition was recovered (along with the gun) from Ortega-Hernandez's car: three loaded magazines and several extra boxes of cartridges.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez criminal complaint
WH suspect charged with assassination attempt

Officials also recovered an aluminum baseball bat, brass knuckles and a sales receipt for purchases made at a WalMart in Fairfax, Virginia just four and a half hours before the shooting.

Police also found nine spent shell casings inside the car and an examination of the White House revealed "several confirmed bullet impact points on the south side of the building on or above the second story." Several bullets and fragments were collected. One of bullets recovered is consistent with the type of ammo found in Ortega-Hernandez's car.

Witnesses told the FBI that Ortega had become increasingly angry with the federal government and President Obama. The suspect reportedly called the president the antichrist and indicated Ortega "needed to kill (Obama)."

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