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Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, in jeopardy, meets with Justice Department

Former FBI deputy director could be fired
Former FBI deputy director could be fired 01:32

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is meeting with Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools on Thursday, as a part of Attorney General Jeff Session's review of whether he should be fired, CBS News' Paula Reid reports. McCabe has been expected to retire this month. 

Sources expect a decision by close of business Friday on that front. FBI officials have recommended that the former number two at the agency be fired, as Reid has reported. Since then, Sessions has been reviewing the recommendation. 

If McCabe is fired, it is believed his only avenue of appeal would be to file a lawsuit to try to reclaim his pension. 

McCabe has long been the subject of ire for the president. But a report by the Department of Justice Inspector General, while not yet finished, found evidence that McCabe had questionable contact with a reporter and was not fully forthcoming when asked about it about an investigation concerning the Clinton foundation. Those familiar with McCabe's side of the story say he was authorized to talk to reporters. 

The FBI has declined to comment on the possibility of any appeals process. Mr. Trump ignored questions about McCabe from reporters Thursday. 

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