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Fatah Al Islam Leader Calls On Sunnis to Fight The 'Enemies of God' in New Audio

(Fatah al Islam )
The leader of the militant Islamist Palestinian group Fatah al Islam released a new audio statement in which he attacked the Lebanese government and the militant Shiite Lebanese group Hezbollah. Shaker al Absi's 18-minute statement, which was addressed to Sunni Lebanese in particular and Muslims in general, contained rhetoric similar to al Qaeda's, but no new information.

Al Absi attempted to give his version of what happened at Nahr al-Bared refugee camp last summer when Lebanese Army units surrounded and bombed the camp in a bid to eliminate the militant group. Al Absi blamed what happened in Lebanon on "the Zionist-Crusader war waged against Islam," a sentence often used by al Qaeda figures.

He also lashed out at Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad al Sanioura and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, accusing them of leading the campaign against Sunnis with the help of Christians and the Shiites. "The Crusaders' global project aims to control the entire region, and so does the Rejectionnist (Shiites,)" he said.

Al Absi also launched a scathing attack on Hezbollah, claiming that the group is executing its own agenda in Lebanon. "The small "Khomeini," leader of the Devil's Party, prevented all those who are not under his command from taking part in the July war in order to keep all the credit for fighting the Jews to himself," Al Absi said in reference to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. "But the people of the refugees camps know perfectly well who tipped the security forces on those who struck against the UNIFIL, who constitute the Crusaders' security barrier for the Jewish state," he added.

Al Absi concluded his message by calling on Sunnis to "raise the banner of monotheism," saying that the time for 'decisiveness' has come. "The lions of monotheism will be crushing the enemies of God, whether they're Christians, Jews, Rejectionnists or apostates," He also warned that "the IEDs of Iraq and the martyrs' brigades are never far from the enemies of God wherever they may be."