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Fascinating footage after a grizzly bear eats a GoPro camera

(CBS News) When the setup for a video involves something in the wild getting hold of a video camera, you kind of know you're probably in for an odd or interesting treat. And that's exactly what you'll get in this video above showing the aftermath of a grizzly bear - wait for it - eating a GoPro camera. (Yeah, that's right...) I'd definitely recommend watching in high-definition if possible.

Stop, that's not food, Mr. Bear! (Though perhaps with the right sauces... eh, maybe not.) The truly fascinating footage comes from YouTube user Brad Josephs who writes about the extremely close and personal (and hairy) encounter his camera had with a grizzly bear:

When using a GoPro to capture unusually close footage of grizzly bears for the Great Bear Stakeout for BBC, I had a young bear actually chew on the camera. Amazingly there was no damage to the camera!
That is one strange and unique journey and very lucky for Brad (and all of us) that the camera wasn't damaged. Some of this footage was actually used in the Great Bear Stakeout, which you can learn more about by clicking here. And if you'd like to go on a grizzly expedition right along with the poster, Brad Josephsyou can learn how by clicking here. (Though perhaps bring a back-up camera along in case you're not quite as lucky should this happen to you...)
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