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Fantasia: One For The Single Moms

Fantasia Barrino, a high school dropout and a single mother scarred by domestic abuse, has had a No. 1 single since becoming the third "American Idol" winner last May.

On Wednesday's The Early Show, she performed the first single from her new CD, "Truth Is."

She says one of the songs on her CD is "dedicated to all of those single moms out there who tough it out to take care of the kids and work two jobs, go to school."

When she won the "American Idol" competition, she said many young mothers believe they can't follow their dreams just because others say they can't. She said her dream was to follow her dreams of stardom, and have her child by her side.

She tells co-anchor Hannah Storm that her 3-year-old daughter, Zion, is with her now. "She doesn't go to sleep until 5 o'clock in the morning. I say, 'Go to sleep, go to sleep,' and she goes, 'No, mommy. We don't get to see each other a whole lot so I got to get my time,' she says."

Barrino's album includes her signature "Idol" tunes, including "You Were Always on My Mind" and "Summertime" as well as many hip-hop-infused R&B tracks.

Barrino, who is close to the other "Idol" winners, says Ruben Studdard is in the hospital with pneumonia.

"We've all been going and going and going. He was just trying to make himself beat. Ruben, get yourself together. I told him I'm praying for him and everybody is praying for him," she says.

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