Fan Friendly Football

(CBS/Hannah Storm)
On Sunday, I took my three young daughters to their first NFL game, making the trek to Giants Stadium to see the Jets take on the Patriots. As you probably know by now, I love football and have a great time sharing that with my girls, but I was a little nervous about how everything would go. I had vision of fans cursing and spilling beers on us -- that's all part of the game for some folks. But it turned out to be an amazing experience because of the fantastic fans that we were sitting in front of.

A great group of Patriots fans had traveled from Boston; among them, two grown kids with their dads. Just like me, their fathers had taken them to games when they were younger and instilled a love of sports. It's something they have been able to share for many years. And upon seeing us sit down yesterday, they were ultra careful to not only be clean with their comments, but also chat with my kids. I was so grateful. There were actually hugs all around by the end! And, of course, the Patriots looked amazing, so we were really happy for them. And now my girls want to go to Giants-Jets games! (Now if only my college team, Notre Dame could get it together … but that's another story!)

Check out a few photos of our new friends.