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Family Members Killed, Their House Torched

The second of two badly burned bodies discovered near a hiking trail in Irvine has been identified as the man whose daughter's body was found near his and whose wife was beaten near their home.

Officials wouldn't say how Jayprakash Dhanak, 56, and his 20-year-old daughter Karishma were killed. Their bodies were discovered early Tuesday about 20 miles away from their home, which had been set on fire.

Autopsies were conducted Wednesday. Sergeant Rick Martinez said the father's body showed evidence of trauma, but he declined to provide details.

Martinez also wouldn't say how authorities identified Dhanak but said they were double-checking their findings against dental records.

Dhanak's wife, Leela, 53, remained hospitalized with serious injuries. She was found beaten unconscious late Monday outside the family's burning home.

The couple's younger daughter did not live at the Anaheim Hills home and was unharmed. Police have placed her in protective custody.

Authorities were continuing their investigation Thursday. They said they were looking for at least two suspects based on witness accounts.

"We don't know a motive, we don't know if it relates to their personal or professional life, and we don't know if it was random or if the suspects knew them," Martinez said.

Police were also unsure where, when and how the father and daughter were killed.

"We don't know where they were murdered or what took place in the five hours in between the arson and the bodies being found," he said.

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