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Dog reunited with family after disappearing in Yellowstone in July

DENVER -- A month and a half after disappearing in Yellowstone National Park, an Australian shepherd dog named Jade has been reunited with her Colorado family, reports CBS Denver.

Jade's owners car after an accident in Yellowstone National Park. CBS Denver

Jade's family was involved in a serious car wreck in Yellowstone in July that landed her owners David Sowers, and his girlfriend Laura Gillice, in the hospital. Jade was trapped in her crushed cage. When park rangers were finally able to get to her, the dog was so scared she ran off.

CBS Denver reports that Jade's family made several trips to the park to try and find their beloved dog. But they never had any luck, even though people began saying they had spotted the dog. David and Laura made posters of Jade to try and help find her. They said many people were involved in the search.

"It was pretty emotional," David told CBS Denver.

David said he thought he would never see her again, and worried that wolves might get her.

But on Sunday, their luck changed. It was the fourth trip to the park when Laura finally spotted Jade. Her little head popped up and Laura began calling to her.

"Here puppy, puppy," Laura called out. "Here puppy, puppy."

Jade came running to Laura.

The family tells CBS Denver that they are extremely grateful for all who helped search for Jade. They say she looks a little thin and has lost a lot of weight, but it is understandable given she was gone for nearly 45 days.

Jade is now comfortably relaxing at home. After her wild adventure, the family is thankful for that.