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Fake a Fall, Get Rich Quick

It's no secret that criminals are not the smartest people in the world, and slip-and-fall scam artists are no exception to the rule. Now more than ever, these crooks are attempting to pull one over on the insurance companies. However, many of them fail and, usually for the same reason - their Achilles heel - security cameras.

Take the infamous "Hair Pair," for example, comprised of 72-year-old Johnella Howard and her caretaker Susan Snow. This gruesome twosome tried to sue for $300,00, after Howard took a spill in a grocery store. Only problem was the whole laughable incident was caught on tape. The surveillance video shows Howard pouring herself some water to slip in and then she fixes her hair for her "slip-and-fall," which looks more like a "kneel-and-pray."

Despite the failure rate of insurance con artists, there are plenty who succeed. Their fraudulent follies cost America consumers $30 billion annually. The Insurance Crime Bureau worked 469 cases in just the first half of last year. At that pace, 2010 may be the biggest year on record for suspicious slip-and-falls.

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