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FaceTime Video Sex Services Put the Lie to Steve Jobs' "Virtuous" iPhone

Steve Jobs must be morally mortified. Less than a week after the Apple (APPL) iPhone 4 launch, there are already some FaceTime video-sex services on the horizon. Just over a month ago, Jobs said that, unlike the Google (GOOG) Android platform, the Apple infrastructure "protected" users from pornography -- so this makes him either a hypocrite, a short-sighted planner or a naïve leader.

According to Business Insider via Gizmodo, a Craigslist ad is looking for women to join an " interactive pornography firm where woman will use the iphone 4 to video chat with potential customers on a pay as you go basis. Hours are flexible, pay will increase as the business builds. Woman will receive a free iphone 4 to use as personal time when not working. Woman will talk to potential clients and chat with them and perform various acts as desired by clients. All information will be confidential."

Let's look at how FaceTime pokes holes in Jobs' current "use porn to scare people" strategy against Android:

The issue isn't that Apple wants a squeaky clean environment. It's more that Jobs just went ballistic on Android and its adult apps when he knew darn well Apple was going to be releasing a video chat feature that pales compared to anything Google phones can offer. He now is watching as video porn services emerge on the iPhone -- and has to eat his words over the trite, useless and unnecessary red herring tossed at Google.

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