Facebook Post draws Gun Rights Fire

shot of hand-gun
Rod Tuason has become the latest person to learn that it's not very wise to post threats, especially ones involving killing someone, on a Facebook page believed to be private.

Tuason is an East Palo Alto police detective who allegedly posted a note on Facebook threatening to kill anyone he found openly carrying a handgun, even if that person was carrying it legally. The alleged note has led to an outcry from Second Amendment advocacy groups, the creation of an anti-Tuason Facebook group, and an internal police investigation.

Under California law, it's generally legal for residents to carry handguns openly, as long as they're unloaded. But Tuason allegedly posted that if he had seen someone exercising their right to bear arms, he would have "pulled the AR out and prone them all out! And if one of them made a furtive movement ... 2 weeks off!!!"

That appears to be a reference to two weeks of desk duty following an investigation of an officer for discharging a weapon.

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By Declan McCullagh